Ansav +EA 1.2.1 now today is releasing new ansav Ansav +EA 1.2.0, the fitur is :
improving The minor bug in the process uninstall that was unclean (still left several file).
Optimizing engine to Ansav Guard.
supporting compressef
file for the format of the archives ".zip" and ".jar" guarding compatibility and the measurement file main ansav,
module was separated especially in file dynamic link library arc.dll".
Optimizing in quarantine management.
The minor improvement bug in the process of the cleaning, adapted with the support scan the archives.
The minor improvement bug in heuristic engine. that caused the occurrence access violation.
Optimzing in scanning memory.
The increase in the module file "fixer.fx" that was useful to improve and or men-disinfeksi file that was infected by the virus.
Your optional module could or did not add him, but really was recommended to be added
you can download the antivirus in ansav dot com Ansav +EA 1.2.0


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