code for nokia phone

How to see MEIof ur phone:


The 15 digit number which comes up on your screen is your unique IMEI number, and comprises the following information:

* Digits 1-6: TAC (Type approval code)
* Digits 7-8: FAC (Final assembly code)
* Digits 9-14: SNR (Serial number)
* Digit 15: SP (Spare)

How to see Software Revision Type:


You will see three lines of information on your screen which are comprised of the following:

1. The phone’s software version
2. The date of the software release
3. Phone type.

How to see Service Menu:

*#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#)

You will find the following menus displayed:

* Production date (mm/yy)
* Purchase date (mm/yy). Note that you can only enter this date once!
* The date of last repair (0000 means that the handset has not been repaired, or at least not reported by an official service centre)
* Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via infared, if this feature is part of the handset.

How to Clock Stopping:

*#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#)

This checks wether your phone supports this feature. Key in again to restart the clock.

How to see Activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate)


This activates EFR which increases clarity but decreases battery life by around 5%. To deactivate, key in *#3370*.

How to see Activate HRC (Half Rate Clarity)


This decreases the clarity of calls, but increases battery life. To deactivate, key in *#4270*.

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