GAV anti virus

New antivirus released by indonesian creator antivirus, Gucup anti virus removes local antivirus. you should try this.this progral also recover the hidden filesKey Features from GAV :
• Memory system scanning
• Scanning All files
• Scanning Compressed files (.zip and .rar) [Optional, if you activate]
• Multi Selection Drive Scanning
• Good Accurate and Method Scanning
• Fast Scanning (Depending on your computer spesification)
• Recover Folder and Files
• Show All Hidden Folder [Optional, if you activate]
• Portable
• Friendly Inferface & Use
• Estimate Scanning with ProgressBar
• Percentage of Scanning Progress
• GAV Engine 2.0
• Log Off, Restart, Shutdown, and Lock Computer Menu
• Log File
• Sertificate Software from Softpedia
• Recover Registry [optional, if you activate]
• Show Hidden Folder(s) Selection
• Show Hidden File(s) Selection
• Set Registered Organization and Owner Registry Value
• Run Application Facility
• Improve Quality
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