NETGEAR WG111 54 Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter

Connect to WI-fi

The WG111 wireless adapter features a US 2.0 interface that is up to 40 times faster than USB 1.1, allowing you to realise up to 54 Mbps wireless networking speeds.

The WG111 provides easy wireless connectivity for laptop users at home, the airport, café or other wireless public hotspot. NETGEAR’s Wireless LAN Manager lets you create profiles that reflect specific WLAN settings for each place you travel. The WG111 also supports office roaming for laptop users needing shared broadband Internet access and network resources when visiting the office.

Alternatively, the WG111 wireless USB adapter is also ideal for desktop users not wanting to open up the back of their PC to get wireless connectivity.

How to Use

The WG111 simply plugs into the external USB port of your desktop PC or notebook/laptop computer – eliminating the need to open up the chassis. Set-up is made quick and easy with NETGEAR’s Smart Wizard Install assistant. NETGEAR’s Smart Wizard user interface makes it easy to adjust the settings of your adapter: e.g. adding wireless security settings or scanning for a local wireless network.

Convenient and Compact

The WG111 wireless USB adapter is pocketsize, making it easy to carry it anywhere and includes a 1.52m (5 ft) USB cable, enabling you to locate your adapter where the signal is strongest.
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