New categories on google adsense referral

Now you have many option for adsense referral,

after many test for approximately 3 months, finally Google PPA Advertising or now was acknowledged as Google Referrals 2,0, released fully to a part of google adsense publishing.
Meaning that, you, as adsense publisher, now received the opportunity income in addition by installing CPA advertisements in website you apart from the advertisement adsense (CPC) and the product referral other available uptil now.
Several important points about Google PPA (as the comparison with the Adsense advertisement) :

MOre option of the product
If until now the product referral Google very few and more uninteresting, currently you could choose with freer the product that more be suitable website you from thousands of products that were offered by the advertiser Adwords.

Target was more exact.
With facilities of Category and Keyword Target, Anda could choose the product was based on the category and keyword that was determined by you.
Unit the advertisement more optimal
Chose the product to be advertised from however many products that were available sometimes was not easy.
Because of that Google provided facilities optimasi the advertisement that will be put forward.
This could be carried out by you by choosing the option “Pick best performing ads” at the time of menggenerate the advertisement code.
When you chose the certain advertisement unit to be put forward, then the system will make the comparison with the similar advertisement that will be available and put forward the advertisement that was more optimal to be chosen by you.

ads was more exact to multi the topic.
When website you took the form of the gate or the article collection with many topics (not niche website), then Google Referrals 2,0 offered the freedom to you to choose what advertisement that will be put forward by you.
Unlike Google Adsense that was put forward automatic by the system be based on konten website (keyword dominant).

higher earning.
As CPA, of course Google Referrals 2,0 offered compensation that was higher than earning per click Adsense.
But was the reverse the level of his conversion will be lower because in CPA Anda could not income only with the clique, but was needed by the action (action) until the transaction happened that was wanted by

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