Pay Per Valid Click, Megaglobe

Now in beta, apparently, Megaglobe is going to be launched pretty soon.

Megaglobe claims to be one better than other search engines, including Mr G, with prioprietary technology dubbed “Pay Per Valid Click,” which claims to protect advertisers from invalid clicks. And as all advertisers know, click fraudsters are real money leeches.

It claims to be available in 45 languages. 45? Does Google even have that many?

To add further credibilty to its claims, Megaglobe is has been accepted into the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which members also include luminaries such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

In addition, it claims to have 310 URLs and most major currencies (to be more specific: 50) will be supported for its advertisements and “sponsored spots.”

For those interested, you can get beta testing codes by writing to them via


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