Indosat test the Internet StarOne 100 hours non stop online

Bali, that some of his inhabitants lived from the sector of tourism, continued to carry out the process of restoration post the explosion of the terrorist's bomb several years set.
Although later foreign tourists have come back filled up several tour points in this the Island of the Gods, still had 'something' that was lost.
"The number of guests (tourists) from overseas was not yet as busy as before (before the existence" of the "bomb explosion) Now the guests (tourists) indeed most of the domestic," explained Made Sudarna, a normal taxi driver stay in the centre of the Denpasar city.

According to him, currently in several bustle points of the guarding was very tight, both by police and the traditional security side of the traditional village that was mentioned with pecalang.
"Previously wanted everywhere free, there was no very anxious and very safe feeling," kenang him with the eyes do open work far.
The other not doubtful sector was collided also with from the decline in the number of tourists was the sector of small and medium businesses (UKM) the craftsman.
It was just natural, these craftsmen more or less lost several tourists 'walking buyers' potential that visited to the shop or their workshop uptil now.
The potential walking buyers this not could be underestimated.
Because, not all of the they were the buyer of the individual or retail.
There were also them who patrolled several craftsmen in fact represented the certain business institution that was sounding out the possibility of the co-operation in the big party.

100 hours

, the Kompas and the Selular magazine in Jimbaran, on Friday night , Arif Junaedi, Kepala of the Indosat Office the Denpasar branch hoped the Balinese community, especially the sector of the UKM industry and the household, could increasingly was triggered and encouraged in restoring himself at the same time developing the potential that was owned by him.
The step that was offered by him was with the ease in accessing and digging up global information at a cost of that was covered.
"When the accessibility and the mobility became the main demand on the availability" of the "infrastructure" of the "Internet at a cost of was covered, then one of the alternatives that could be used was StarOne," he said did a promotion.
The product fixed-wireless besutan this Indosat could he promised serve Internet access without the cable with the speed through to 153,6 Kbps in his area scope.
To test his reliability, since Friday (21/12/2007) the afternoon till Tuesday afternoon (25/12/2007), diberlangsungkan the program of 'Internet Access StarOne 100 hours stopped' in the Indosat Teuku Umar Gallery, Denpasar.
In this program, an amount notebook would terhubung with the Internet without henti through the cellular phone or datacard the containing standard the card StarOne.
The process ping to this site address was undertaken as the process of the background (background process) to help the process of the monitoring of this connection reliability.


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