Admin the computer System of Medco Health failed Sabotage Machine

The annoyed feeling, concerned or revenge could push someone to carry out the bad action as the release of his emotions.So that was experienced by Yung-Hsun Lin (51) an administrator of the computer system in the Medco Health Solution pharmacy company.

The route determined to carry out sabotage against server his company after knew that the big possibility of him being dismissed.However, his efforts failed, and he must be incarcerated for 30 months and paid compensation of USD 81,200.
the first sabotage attack he did in April 2004, that was drafted to destroy the data in more than 70 server.However, this bad intention failed because he carried out the mistake coding.Did not know surrendered, the Route tried to carry out the attack again.He chose on April 23 2005 to carry out the attack both of them.Again and again, his efforts failed.This time the new administrator of the computer system who defeated him.The route had finally succeeded in being caught by the co-operation blessing between the upholder of the law and Medco.This case focussed on the potential for the dangerous attack that precisely was carried out by the reason insider was offended or the other motive.The route must then be incarcerated for 30 months


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