backgammon is back

Backgammon was the eldest game that had been recorded in the history.Traditionally, his game it was considered came fromMesopotamia (now was located in Iraq.

After the way poker exploded onto the Internet in 2003-2004.

who is the best poker? "What other skill game could replicate the widespread interest poker holds? Online backgammon is like online poker, the key one being backgammon is not a multi-player game, but at the same time, many of the skills and challenges that make poker popular carry over to backgammon. Not surprisingly, online backgammon games for money are readily available.

the strategy are also great backgammon players. Like poker, backgammon can be played very simply: roll the dice, move the checkers. But also like poker, there are layers of skill that can be peeled back to reveal a much deeper, more complex game

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