barack obama campaign with actress jay z

Not only in Indonesia, the artist was raked in was the supporter of the political campaign.In the USA the similar matter also happened.It was the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Senator Barack Obama that carried him out.
Was said Obama,

if in the future succeeded in sitting in the White House, he will take the musician R&B by the hand famous like Jay-Z and Kanye West.They will be asked to help spread the message for the positive social change."I have met Jay-Z. Kanye also."And I have spoken with several other artists the matter of the potential of bridging the distance, he said in talkshow 'What apostr s In It For US'
Although intending to ask them, Obama admitted to always not agreeing with the R&B lyrics of the musician's song.
He said still had the message in the song that humiliated the woman, and used wasted words .also two rapper great that, Obama received the support from the pretty actress young and talented, Scarlett Johansson


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