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The United States debate of the president's election was the debate between the United States presidential candidate from the Democratic Party and the Party of the Republic.
The theme that is discussed usually was controversial themes at the time, and results of this debate could influence results of the general election.
After respectively the party chose his candidate, they usually meet in a hall opposite the spectator, and take the turn answered various questions that were brought forward by a master of ceremonies or the spectator.
This debate was also broadcasted directly by radio and television.
The first debate was in 1960 witnessed by 66 million people from the number of inhabitants at that time 179 million.

Another day, another immense crowd -- and as you saw in Mike's post, another long line wrapping around the block. The grassroots enthusiasm in New Hampshire certainly hasn't dissipated; as far as I can tell, in the wake of Barack's commanding debate win last night, it's just starting to take off. Take a look (and note that the video begins far away from the start of the line)... I went to the front of the line and asked the person I met there (pictured…
Obama was trying to become the president of the African descendants first the United States.
Usually, the protection for the president's candidate, just was given after the general election year.
Senator Durbin said him also worried on public's size that attended the Obama campaign.
New York Senator the president's candidate Hillary Clinton received the protection of the Secret Service, but that was linked with his status as the former first lady.

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