The cellular phone of Open Source OpenMoko was ready for launching

OpenMoko immediately will exhibit the cellular phone terbaru him that was based open source to the front of the public. The cellular phone was called with Neo FreeRunner, and will be exhibited in the Consumer Electronics Association exhibition (CES), 7 - on January 10 2008 in Las Vegas, the United States (the USA).

FreeRunner was the improvement from FIC Neo1973 was based on Linux, that already digeber for the developers last July.
FIC Neo1973 was a cellular phone that had the quite interesting design, was supplemented with the screen touched, Global Positioning System (GPS), the service push the e-mail that was similar like BlackBerry, as well as synchronisation of the calendar and daftar

Was not far different, FreeRunner was similar like Neo1973, only was equipped fitur graphic 2-D/3-D and the processor 500-MHz for the better performance and the processing audio and the video.

Will have 2 cellular phone kinds FreeRunner that digelontorkan: the Tri-band version 850-MHz and Tri-band 900-MHz.The two versions will be integrated with Wi-Fi for internet access have a speed high and the movement censor who could detect the activity of the user.
FreeRunner also would dikolaborasikan with Jalimo, a project open source that was led by the development company software from Germany, Tarent GmbH, for the development mainstream the Java application that was more sophisticated.
OpenMoko personally was the name for the development platform of software mobile was based on Linux.The revolution OpenMoko was from openness that was supported by him.
OpenMoko was drafted to facilitate the developer added the application on the basic capacity of the cellular phone.

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