Compete with Nokia, Samsung prepared the Rp Colour Cellular Phone in rp 400

Samsung tried to widen the market share by offering the valuable colour cellular phone cheap namely USD 40-50 (around Rp 400 thousands).
This cellular phone company tries to compete with the rival especially, Nokia.
"We were considering the cellular phone with the Rp price 400 thousands, this was the competitive price," said the spokesperson Samsung.

However the Samsung side suggested that this still in the further consideration stage.
in the third quarter then, in general the price of the Samsung cellular phone was in the market defined in the USD price 151.
Whereas in 2006 revolved about the USD price 176.
In 2007, the Samsung market share experienced the rise from 11.4 percent in 2006 to 14 percent.
In this year, Samsung aim at to sell the cellular phone totalling 200 million.
In the middle of the growth of the industry handset global that was weak, important for Samsung to be expanding in the market that often was not yet touched by the other player.
In the meantime in other the side, the competitor especially, Nokia, had the scale of economics was bigger, the more established distribution channel, and currently was leading the Indian market.

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