game on your mac PC

Are you mac owner? i got news for you as macintosh pc owner. wanna play a game on your mac PC. here is a game for mac on you can download many games here.its a like game on windows.

you can play like Scrabble new!, Beauty Salon, Plant Tycoon,
Deluxe PocMon new!, Jigsaw Puzzles new!,Global Warning new!,mac Mahjong new!, Midnight Mansion new!,Lux new! and more.the site also provide Weekly news of Macintosh software and hardware. so you will not be late from news of your mac PC. this site also give you information about your macintosh pc weekly about hard ware or software. so dont forget. always keep in touch in this site and get more feature. couse the site give you fresh information everyday about your mac and lets play this can visit mac blog site this site give you that one

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