Google announced the Knol

Google announced the Knol encyclopaedia project.
Finally, the internet giant will compete directly with Wikipedia.
Through blog official him, Google announced the existence of the online encyclopaedia project named Knol.
For the moment, several people were with the certain expertise invited to write the article for Knol.

Eventually, Knol will be made be open was similar like Wikipedia.
One matter that will distinguish Knol from konten in Wikipedia was the Knol focus to his writer.
"We believed, that by learning whoever wrote him will help the user make use of konten this better," said Unfortunate Manber, Vice President Engineering Google, as being quoted from blog official Google, on Saturday
Eventually Knol will be was open.
Google will provide konten and software to make his article, whereas the writer was enough to think about his article.
Google in fact stressed will not carry out the change in the editorial anything to one of Knol.
One matter more that would Google provided was the advertisement in the Knol page that results will be divided with the writer.
Knol was the artificial Google term that meaning that 'one science unit'.
Knol was also used to refer to an article that was made in the Knol project.

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