Do you want to promote your site, and you havent money to promote? dont worry? one way i suggest you to join free web directory. like whit this you can find many free web directory site that allow you to register free.

Its very important to submit your website to website directory.becouse it is a key elemant as far as promoting your website.
I believe that all of you want to see that your web is on the top of in every search engine as wil you maximalize the position?

If you search the web to find the answer you will be astonished to find that all you need is more number of one way links pointing back to your website. What better way can you increase the link popularity of your website than by submitting your website to multiple directories.
at you will see Top Links. new links , random links and more. new links is a site that recently added to the directory.
when you are ready to submitting your web to the site. please read the tos of the site before. like
you dont allow submit sites with popup windows and other technologies that interfere with viewing the main content of the site.
you dont allow submit sites that have too many keywords and are created specially for Search dont allow submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs
etc.lets get the traffic by submittimg to the directory right now


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