intel retreated from the OLPC Project

After the senior figure the One Laptop Foundation per Child (OLPC), Jepsen retreats, currently the turn of Intelligence Corp., as part of the management's council of the OLPC foundation, the model gone

As is known, apart from supporting the OLPC foundation, Intel Corp. personally also produced laptop cheap for the interests of children's education, Classmate PC, that also a kind with laptop XO, the foundation's OLPC output.
This Hengkangnya Intel was pointed out because of the manufacture chip the giant refused to number-duplicated the Classmate PC program besutan him.
However, Intelligence said, his decision more to the philosophical difference.
Explained further, in a discussion, Nicholas Negroponte, the originator of the OLPC foundation asked Intelligence to leave Classmate PC, his personal project and konsen for the program of OLPC. Hal Inilah that was refused by Intelligence and decided to retreat from the foundation.


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