keep your mind health

Here is some Tips for keeping your mind health for body mind spirit
at the morning
Please Eat (apart from bananas Ma the avocado), might in the form of juice also.
If you feel bored could also mixed plain yoghurt.In a frightened manner had a stomach-ache??No, I have use it and take no effects at all.Good breakfast at 6 7 am.Many people got breakfast coz frightened of being fat.Well, in fact with breakfast it will helped the achievement of our body organs.But must be remembered, in the morning, you should not eat heavily, coz the its take 4 –12 hours for processing of the disposal.

at The afternoon
Begun from 12 o'clock. at this time you can eat at eat as usual.Don't was abundant also, coz something that was abundant is not good for your body.The normal portion adapted is the issuing also.Don't be waiting till full coz it will stopped eating before being full.
At The nightIf youre hungry, you can eat but without rice or the carbohydrate. dinner must bestopped at 8 pm. Its take 4-12 hours for the body phase to absorb, so if we still ate heavy, may you must save your organs coz must the work continued.That was the reason the person often was sick also, coz his body organ was allowed to restore himself.Apart from morning time to eat, the afternoon, and the night was felt hungry,
For your minds health or Self improvement you should try something new like yoga, deep breathe.
and for personal development you should join something like discussion team, management classes, or discusion with your friend about something new or news today.


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