A little bit of Merchant Account dan Payment Gateway

Many questions asking me via YM and the email about how to accept credit card payment in the Internet.
Meaning that when we sold the thing in the Internet, how the buyer of our thing could send our payment, both used the credit card (credit card) and the other payment implement.
Apart from co-operating directly with the Bank (acquirer) to be able to mencharge the customer's credit card, we also could use third party company that had the service to mencharge the credit card.

This service was often mentioned with Payment Gateway.
Please by me wrap up tips and his trick, including payment gateway whatever that could be applied for the based business the Internet (ecommerce) in Indonesia.
The technique pulled the direct credit card from the buyer (without the company payment gateway) in principle could be carried out, but in a manner the practice was difficult to be carried out.
That was first that needing the big cost and a long time to arrange the request to merchant in the bank acquirer.
It was second that the risk was too big, both dipihak the buyer (trust) and the seller (carding fraud).
Merchant Account” dan “Payment Gateway”
Merchant Account and "Payment Gateway" were a service service from a company to provide fasiltas payment of the electronics transaction for sites of E-Commerce.
Several examples: Paypal, 2CO, Metacharge, Worldpay, ShareIt, et cetera.
Generally the procedure from "Merchant Account and Payment Gateway" was as follows:
1.The owner of the site of E-Commerce registered himself to get "Merchant Account";
2.The previous service provider provided "Payment Gateway" to be "installed" in the site of E-Commerce that was relevant;
3.The manufacturer of the site of E-Commerce only needed the "display window" that had a function of putting forward any that were provided.
4.When the consumer chose the thing that will be bought by him, then for the process of his payment, was shifted (redirect) to the site of this service service provider to carry out the process of payment in the site of the service provider, not in the site of E-Commerce.
5.The provider of the service service afterwards that will arrange this transaction for the process of the verification and the validation.
When the process of the verification and the validation were finished, the consumer will come back was shifted to the site of this E-Commerce and this service service provider will give the notification to the site manager of E-Commerce that payment was done.
6.After the certain period, then this service service provider gave payment that was done to the service service provider by the consumer.


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