mbah Liim attraction in cendana

Paranormally Limbad or more was known as Mbah Lim to carry out the attraction of mystique in the Soeharto residence.The paranormal attraction of Regent Kutai Kartanegara Syaukani HR aimed at praying for Soeharto. recovery Mbah Lim arrived with his two assistants in Street Cendana,around struck 24,00 WIB.Paranormal with gimbal hairy that immediately asked for permission from the security of the person's strongest house of the Baru Order did ritual in the page of the house.

After receiving permission, Mbah Lim that put on the coloured shirt white and was wrapped the black coat picked up a tree twig that tergeletak in hall. Mbah Lim afterwards sat cross-legged and stuck the twig to a sheet of newsprint.
On paper same was gotten the lime was white.
Then the paranormal mouth from Tegal then komat-kamit was reading the spell, while his hands held the twig . after5 minutes, Mbah Lim stood and pulled the tree twig.
Suddenly went out fire from the newspaper.
Newsprint that too was finished burned. what is the attraction for?
"im here praying for recovery of Mr Harto," revealed Mbah Lim.

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