Microsoft will speed up the Windows launching 7, all along 2010.
This system of the operation of the Vista continuer was talked about will 'be born' in' the middle of 2009.Microsoft it was reported also shipped the Windows validation code 7 spoke England to the key partners, in the version 32-bit and 64-bit.
Was like this was launched APCmag,When the version alpha or my version him was launched, then did not yet have the explanation."We were working on the Windows development 7,

our operation system that was following with the partners and the customer."We still could not give additional information at this time because we were the focus to the customer to get input from the use of the Vista, explained the spokesperson Microsoft.
As the step in preparations, information about Windows 7 will it was promised be given as early as possible to the producers hardware and the consumer to know the fitur.Windows 7 were the operation system teranyar Microsoft that was positioned as suksesor the Vista.Windows 7 were also known by the code name Vienna , from before that was named code Blackcomb .If true Windows 7 will be released in the middle of 2009, this was significant only be at a distance 3 years from the launching of Windows Vista that the release in November 2006.In view of the fact that the Vista was not as successful as hoped for for the producer of the computer because not many consumers who wanted to change to the Vista for reasons of kompabilitas, his specification that was too high and fitur him that was judged more 'unfriendly', Windows 7 could hit the market?

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