Natalie portman and a deer skin

Natalie portman and a deer skinThe actress who followed the lifestyle vegan that really proved he promiseed.A person vegan in no way ate or used the thing that had the element of the animal inside.
Like the bag from crocodile skin, or shoes of deer skin.Natalie kept her promise as vegan person .

So, the graduate's Harvard actress intended special shoes merchandise to vegan. She will co-operate with the producer of Te Casan shoes, and stylist Kate Young.The shoes collection vegan that will produce 20 pairs of limited edition shoes.
His design hand-crafted, they must be him was friendly towards the animal.However the matter of the price, certainly somewhat expensive.His price US$ 200 a pair.
"As vegan I did not use skin, or the hair."
The clothes expenses not susah. but found shoes was the special challenge, I the star of 'V for Vendetta'.
His plan Natalie's collection shoes will enter the shop this coming February 1 2008.
Love, friendly shoes the animal was not sold in Indonesia


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