siti nurhaliza waring veil after pilgrimage

Siti Nurhaliza appeared with the new appearance.
Siti that just came home went on a pilgrimage to Mecca that currently wearing veil.
Love his new appearance received criticism.In several Malaysian sites, the Siti veil was considered only as part of the style then.

They that criticised compared singer 'Cindai' with late Benazir Bhuto.
Benazir wearing veil but completely was not closed, his hair still seldom was seen.
Aside from this criticism, the new Siti appearance continue to attracted attention.
When visiting the birthday of a famous chef in Malaysia, Chef Wan in the Tarbush restaurant, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, he and his husband Datuk K was the centre of attention.
The matter of criticism that was sent to him, of Siti then adopted spoke.
He evidently is ready to accept the warning on his appearance now.
"Siti not thought about what the person nak capable but like this image that Siti brought after coming home did the pilgrim,To put on the veil was closed, Siti spoke that possibly happened.However he said, not for the moment."It was important that Siti sincere and the husband also liked imej Siti this," he stated while passing by.
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