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The Former President Soeharto was stated died on Sunday January 27 2008.
The ruler of the 'Orde Baru' that was close was greeted by Mr Harto this blew out the last breath struck 13,10 WIB.

"Went to the house of god former Indonesian" President "Haji Muhammad Soeharto died struck 13,10 of WIB. it will be brought to the Sandalwood."
But did not yet know struck how many, said Sector Police Chief Kebayoran Kompol Diki Sondani in RSPP, Street Kyai Maja, Jakarta, on Sunday
Soeharto was beforehand reported by his condition really-very critical because of all of his organ has been did not function.
Confirmation of the Soeharto death was also sent by former Secretary of State Moerdiono.


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