soharto entered the hospital pertamina

Several leading figures of the Baru Order (Orba) that is Fuad Bawazier and Haryono Suyono, after visiting former President Soeharto in the Pusat Pertamina Hospital (RSPP) said prayed for the health the former ruler so that fast recovered.
"We prayed, because of the condition for Mr Harto critical," Fuad Bawazier words were accompanied by Haryono Suyono, in Jakarta, on Saturday early afternoon.
In the meantime, Haryono said RI President second that could communicate a little.
According to Haryono, when accepting the visit of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Soeharto said thank you and be toucheded for the care of that.
He also prayed for the health the former number one person in Indonesia that at this time was handled by 40 best doctors in his field.

Haryono also explained that children Soeharto appeared to be present accompanying in part Siti Hediati (the Soeharto Point), Siti Hardiyanti Indra Rukmana (Tutut Soeharto), Sigit Soeharto, and Tommy Soeharto since Saturday morning.
Bambang Trihatmodjo was scheduled to peer on Saturday afternoon.
Haryono and Fuad appeared to leave RSPP around struck 12,00 WIB.
Haryono had visited Soeharto since striking 08,15 of WIB. Selain they, apparently also former Meteri Koperasi in the Soeharto era, Subiyakto Tjakra Werdaya in struck 09,00 WIB as far as 12,00 WIB.
Subiyakto also prayed for the Soeharto health.
"Prayed for by us his health," he said.
At noon apparently several close families former President Soeharto -- the grandchild and his son-in-law -- came to visit in part Enno Sigit, Elsye Sigit the wife from Sigit and Rica Callebout the wife from Ari Sigit.


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