When comunities are thriving

The Rangga Wardhana action, blogger that it was suspected came from Purwokerto that displaying the credit card data hardened in blog him considered to make the image negative not only to the Indonesia community blogger.
Indonesia on the whole then will be affected by his current.
According to one of the instigators blog Indonesia that had become Chairman Komite Pesta Blogger 2007, Enda Nasution, his cause was this case has been exposed by the international media.
Moreover if saw track record Indonesia that often in-black list for the problem carding.

Blog, according to Enda,is only one tool was proper for a pistol, that could be used for the positive matter or was the reverse.
However if being one blog that contained the matter of the negative, we could not strike level all of them.
"So could not be regarded because of" indigo a broken point milk sebelangga"."
KIta would also gak could control all of them, said Enda
This action blogger 'dared' for displaying the data of hundreds of same credit cards was considered by Enda as the stupid action.
"Whether the motivation what provided a basis for him, but just stupid and strange."
This hacker newby (just) the time ok?
Because, if hacker that beneran gak would mem-publish rich , annoyed the Man who often was greeted by Mr Blogger Indonesia.
Nevertheless, Enda instructed for blogger the homeland to continue to push matters that were positive from blogging as a new Indonesian voice.
"For friends blogger, that called himself blogger, there were the standards" of the "community in openness that always was carried by us."
If being blog that was negative, yes let, later was closed also, he stated.



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