The computer helped Child developed their Right Brain

Education that was received by children in the school at this time it was thought the psychologist Tika Bisono only to train the left brain from children.
Whereas the right brain, said Tika, was not yet sharpened by this educational method.
The left brain, he explained, included matters was hapalan and the lesson like mathematics, biology.

Whereas the right brain was the place of the imagination, creativity, aesthetics and the innovation from the child was developed.
Although in the school was gotten by the artistic lesson, but according to Tika that was not yet optimal in balancing the left and right brain the child.
"Please was seen by us our child who took part in the blend" of the "voice."
They more relied memorised the song lyrics compared with berekspresi, he said in the press conference of Hewlett-Packard Painting School in Kidzania, Pacific Place, Jakarta,
Technology, according to Tika, it was hoped could bridge the balance of the left and right brain children.
The computer according to Tika could stimulate through matters that were simple as drawing or choosing the photograph.
Because of the computer, he continued, was physical and mecanichal.
Tika mentioned the activity that used information technology must has been introduced to children since early.
"When they were mature, they will be ready with the progress" of "technology," he said.
Tika suggested most important the introduction to technology was carried out by the child in the preschool age, or the range 4 yearly.
In this age, said Tika, the child began to know equipment.
In Kidzania, Hewlett Packard Indonesia opened a miniature of the school depicted that made use of computer technology.
In the place, children could carry out the activity depicted then scrutinised results of his painting to the computer to afterwards be printed to a sticker paper.
"We wanted to give the direct experience to children about the utilisation" of "technology."
The child could study nge-print personally, said Mariana Kasim, Marketing Director Imaging Printing Group and Personal Systems Group Hewlett-Packard Indonesia.
Tika said technology will give the contribution in the power of the child's creativity with the condition for this technology also was matched by moral education.
The "brain champion, but not the moral champion was the biggest failure from parents," he


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