is ready to lounch in march 2008

After passing several stages, the new domain .asia immediately will be launched.
DotAsia, the organisation that handled the registration of the name of this domain, hoped for the existence of the big request for the domain that was aimed for this Asia-Pacific territory.
Leona Chen, the spokesperson DotAsia did not hesitate to state hope, .asia will be successful in Asia, as in the case of the success .com in global world.

However according to the data, 'just was' gotten 'by' 30,780' registrations to .asia.
This number quite far if compared with the domain interested person .eu in Europe during the same period, where being gotten by 330,000 registrations during his launching beforehand.
The domain .asia would eksis around 70 Asia-Pacific countries, including also Indonesia.
Since October 2007, companies could have ordered him.
This coming March 2008, was hoped for by the domain .asia could have been launched in the internet.
Responded to the existence of the domain .asia this, Thomas Hobbert from the firm hosting Hostway said, the purchase motivation of the domain currently more to protect the trademark in order to be not used as the name of the domain by the other side.
"People wanted to spend much money for the sake of the domain to protect their make," said Thomas as being quoted detikINET from the BBC, on Saturday (23/2/2008).
Apart from this problem often happened the case of the struggle for the name of the domain.
DotAsia said that if the similar case happening, this domain will be auctioned and handed over to the highest antidote.


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