HD DVD die,and Blu-Ray born

As being reported beforehand, finally the HD DVD format it was confirmed immediately will die.

His article, Toshiba as pembesut main HD DVD stated, they will immediately stop the HD DVD. Pertarungan production for the DVD format the future then gave birth Blu-Ray besutan Sony as the winner.
The HD DVD format indeed suffered several unequivocal defeats from Blu-Ray to gain the interest of the consumer.
Finally, retail the biggest American trade in Wal-Mart, decided to stop the HD DVD. Karena sale, after carrying out the analysis of the business, Toshiba stated that they will stop totally the production player and the HD DVD recorder.
The analysts said, the stopping of this HD DVD production will make Toshiba switching the focus to the other product.
to be precise after the film studio of Warner Bros decided to kick HD DVD and used Blu-Ray, Toshiba felt Toshiba had difficulty rescuing the HD DVD business.

"We concluded that the decision to carry out the change was what was best."
If we continued the road, this will create the problem for the consumer.
It was just simple, we already did not have the opportunity to win, said Atsutoshi Nishida, the Toshiba president concerning the decision of the stopping of this HD DVD production.
Toshiba explained that they will continue to supply HD DVD equipment up until March 2008.
However after that, Toshiba only will give support technical for approximately one million consumers who had HD DVD player


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