Microsoft bargained Yahoo with a value of US$ 44.6 billion.However, the merger both of them will not necessarily resolve the fundamental problem that was dealt with by Microsoft and Yahoo, that is intercepting the Google domination in the internet business.This offer could be still giving the big profit, not only for Microsoft.
The merger of the two TI giants will precisely become the gift that was pleasing for the shareholders Yahoo.

The investors will definitely cheer the happiness because of their bad dream was related the Yahoo management will end.Later, Yahoo was talked about was overwhelmed stemmed the kick lunged at Google in the online advertisement business.Yahoo in fact made an announcement to lay 1,000 people of his employee off so that the condition for the company's finance is healthier but also to restore the investor's belief in buying the Yahoo share.The Yahoo share fell 44% in two years later to US$ 19.18.
Last Friday, the Yahoo share was recorded jumped drastic 48% to US$ 28.35 following spread him the Yahoo news will be bought by Microsoft.The management's councils Yahoo will it was suspected agree to the merger plan without denying him in view of the fact that the price of the share of the company rose significant.
This will definitely make the shareholders Yahoo brave invested his money in the internet company.
For instance the merger happened, the duet of Microsoft-Yahoo will it was estimated have the traffic web that was bigger than Google.And this must be him will attract the interest of the advertisers so as increasingly will strengthen Yahoo.The combination of Microsoft-Yahoo also imported several other profits.Yahoo was still becoming Web the gate was best with his My Yahoo service that had dozens of million the loyal customer.In other the Microsoft side, through the Windows operation system, controlled almost most uses of the system of the computer operation desktop.
Microsoft and Yahoo possibly will integrate their best service, the example integrated Flickr with the Office application to provide the internet platform and PC.The merger both of them possibly also more will save the company's finance, where the cost for equipment, manpower and the research and the development could be more pressed.


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