Microsoft took the initiative to catch the perpetrator phishing

Uptil now Microsoft indeed always was the easy target of various world maya attacks and the hijacking software.
But don't think Microsoft only was just quiet.
Microsoft took the initiative of helping the authorised side in Bulgaria to catch the perpetrator phishing.

Co-operate with the NSCOC agency (National Services to Combat Organized Crime) Bulgaria, Microsoft helped provided the technical support and investigation.
There were eight suspects who succeeded in being arrested.
They it was suspected became the 'brain' from various attacks phishing international.
As being launched detikinet from Newsfactor on Wednesday (25/1/2006), phisher launched 46 attacks phishing with menyusupi 43 computers server that was located in 11 countries.
They often stole personal information and the number of the account of the user of the internet in various countries.
They also operated lusinan the fake site that resembled the original site.
One of them mengeskploitasi the official MSN Microsoft site.
The design, the logo and his trademark then almost resembled the official MSN site.
According to MBAM (Microsoft Billing Account Management), the suspects sent the joke e-mail to the customer this MSN. E-mail was seen seemed indeed to be sent by MSN. Lewat the e-mail, the gang phisher tried to persuade the user in order to want to leak the financial data like credit card information.
Microsoft appeared incessant wage war on phishing.
Microsoft will in fact offer the sorting system phishing add-ounce for MSN Search Toolbar.
The giant software that then will enclose the protection system to Windows Vista and the Explorer Internet 7


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