Mobile-8 Telecom tried realistic gazed

Mobile-8 Telecom tried realistic gazed at his future of the telecommunications business in 2008 this, remembered yet the achievement of the peak of the performance of the infrastructure of the network of the service.
Then, the cellular Fren provider claimed did not want still repeated his mistake last year when failing to fill the development capacity of the network as a result of choosing badly vendor.

Although continuing to use Samsung as the provider of the CDMA network especially, but the Director & Chief Corporate Affairs Mobile-8, Merza Fachys, admitted to pocketing two names vendor other from China, namely ZTE and Huawei.
"Samsung could not be just like that released, must look for the other road."
Now I am faced with them.
I every, that was important not need to planned that could not be done.
Rise oplet not possibly 200 km/the hour, must with the car.
Not one, but three,
Merza then hoped, management reform on the body Mobile-8 during RUPS the company could this March 25 2008 bring the fresh wind.
So, the customer's target twice the fold from his achievement the year could be beforehand gained.
Mobile-8 aimed at the number of his customers to six million on the end of 2008


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