network 3G-auditing

The development of the cellular telecommunications the third generation (3G) not in accordance with hope of the government.
BRTI and the government then would immediately audit the network 3G.
The member the Body of Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI), Heru Sutadi complained about the development 3G that not in accordance with hope of the government.
According to Heru, fitur that was met in the service 3G was not made use of as maximally as possible except for the data and the internet.
Heru admitted, his problem was complex.

One of them was not many local developers that developed konten based 3G. Paling"-most only Premium sms "
That then many that cheated, he said in the Depkominfo Building, Jakarta, on
Whereas the active user 3G, said Heru, not yet many.
He gave an example, the user datacard 3G still under 1 million.
In fact on the other side of the operator often claimed the customer 3G has been abundant.
"Is it true that they (customer-red) that with 3G?"
Accused Heru.
In the same place, the Member BRTI Kamilov Sagala, said the five cellular operators who had the licence 3G sent the report was written concerning the development of the network.
Some, he said, did not yet fill this development commitment.
To be precise, said Kamilov, there were two operators who did not yet fill him.
However he reluctantly explained the name of this operator.
"We continued to hold the presumption principle was not guilty."
Positive thinking previously.
Eventually would we clarification whether that has been built that was appropriate or not, he said.
It was related that that, Kamilov said, in March and in April 2008 the government and the telecommunications regulator would mengaudit the network 3G on a large scale.
The audit against the holder's five operators of the licence 3G same will include the cellular network audit of the second generation (2G).
After the five of them, the other operator also would diaudit.
This audit, said Kamilov, only was not related the development commitment of the network but also the other obligation like the fulfilment konten local.
At this time the government obliged 35 percent of the capital expenses as well as 50 percent of the operational cost to be used to konten local.


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