OQO Inc. announced the launching of e2 Ultra Mobile PC to the market

OQO Inc. announced the launching of e2 Ultra Mobile PC to the market.
This product it was claimed had a function of being full was proper for PC had Windows XP, Windows XP Tablet and Windows Vista as a base.
"There was the increase" in the "request that was significant from the customers all over the world to Ultra Mobile PC from OQO. Para the customer wanted access towards information, the application, and the Internet in the form of mobile that could be contained in the pocket, the bag" of the "hands, or the bag" of the "work," said Dennis Moore, the CEO from OQO in his release.

With the measurement 142mm (P) x 84mm (L) x 26mm (T)), this product had the weight 450 gram, the screen shifted LCD 5 inch with the resolution 800 x 480 (the maximum: 1200 x 720), konektifitas WiFi 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth 2,0.
Now from the side of the bowel, e2 had the choice processor VIA 1.5Ghz or 1.6Ghz, the memory 1GB as well as hardisk 60GB, 80GB or 120GB. video facilities: HDMI, VGA/Ethernet, USB and docking station to optical drive (CD+RW or DVD+RW) also was equipped in this equipment.
For the price, e2 was classified in 3 kinds, depended on the choice of the processor and the capacity hardisk with the range of the price from Rp 17 - Rp 19 millions


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