Phone-cell and-tongue-cancer

After being mentioned could damage the quality of sperm and causes the disturbance of sleep, currently other the bad effect was from the cellular phone found.
A newest research mentioned that the use of the excessive cellular phone could enlarge the risk of mouth cancer.
The Tel Aviv university in Israel found these startling results in his research.

They carried out the research into 500 sufferers of the tumour of the saliva gland with the low stage stage until high as well as 1,300 healthy people.
Results, 50 percent people who used the cellular phone for hours it was said had the big risk tertular terjangkit the tumour illness and mouth cancer.
However that was more startling than the research was the user of the cellular phone that lived in rural areas will have the bigger risk of being affected by mouth cancer compared with that in the city.
This matter the reason for higher radiation that was accepted by villagers.
The radiation was increasingly big because the cellular phone signal more was difficult to be received in the village, because of being located far from the transmitter tower.
So, wants to begin to reduce the use of your cellular phone now?


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