Prototype System Components for 2048p/24 Digital Cinema

Video Server: The original data, usually available by digitizing films, amount to 380G bytes for an 11-minute long movie.

They are encoded by JPEG with 15:1 compression ratio. The compressed 25G byte data are transmitted from the video server running on a PC/LINUX as 300M bps IP/GbE data streams.
SHD Decoder:The decoder receives the IP data streams at a front-end PC/LINUX, then performs the real-time JPEG decompression at a speed of 200M pixels per second, using special circuit boards equipped with 32 parallel JPEG processing elements.
LCD Projector: The projector uses 3 pieces of 3840x2048 pixel reflective-type LCD panels, which luminance exceeds 5000 ANSI lumens. To improve the image quality by eliminating the limitation of video frequency pass-band and additive noises, the projector utilizes special digital video interface of 4.5G bps to the decoder.


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