Ringtones for you

Do you know the ringtones. Ringtones are the hot mobile music service right now and will continue to account for the majority of revenues for the near future. The importance of this channel was driven home when Billboard Magazine launched the "Hot Ringtones" chart in the fall of 2005, tracking the top downloaded tracks.
ringtones compared for monophonic and poliphonic, at monophonic ringtones only one note of an instrument may be played at a time. An instrument that can play many at once is said to be Polyphonic ringtones. Monophonic instruments usually cut-off the sound of previously played note with the start of new one.for polipnonic its capable of producing more than one note at a time. All synthesizers place a limit on how many voices of polyphonic are available.

Nowadays many sites give you a ringtones for free, like dance ringtones, i like the one, bocouse it will give us a inspiration and some of spirit, polyphonic ringtones is the most ringtone i choose.for you the hip hop maniac you can also download for hip hop ringtones. so happy enjoying for listening the ringtones


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