Roy-Suryo-nge-blog-ato ?

Not only the artist, the fever nge-blog has begun to creep into leading figures of the public in Indonesia.
'Roy Suryo has' then' begun the model nge-blog.
Roy currently begins to be studying nge-blog and began wrote his views in one of the services blog in Indonesia?
When it was confirmed, Roy clearly said that himself had not had blog.

"Not, I never nge-blog and had not had blog because blog his characteristics only tren for a moment," stressed Roy w
The matter of the name of 'Roy Suryo was' extracted 'by' several' blogger, Roy admitted to not making an issue of him.
"Regarded blog as the person threw away the garbage."
I was tired of serving the person like gitu.
So that was not liked by me from blog.
Blog was not responsible, in fact blogger that the trick trade person, he stated.
The trick trade person?
Roy claimed many blogger that displayed fictitious and fake information, as in the case of the case blogger Solo that died after mem-posting his dream in blog.
According to Roy blog could not be believed 100 percent.
Roy suggested better should not trust blog because at this time plenty of people that made blog by using the false names.
This showed the credibility blog was difficult was believed.
Roy also regretted because still was blogger that aggravated the image blog.
In fact the development blog in Indonesia was increasingly fast and began to receive the public's belief, from that previously the incorrect usage because blog was considered like the diary, currently his contents displays information that was useful for the public


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