Siemens announced his plan to lay off approximately 7,000 people

It was re-that Siemens announced his plan to lay approximately 7,000 people of his employee who was located in Germany and Brazil off.
If diprosentasekan, almost 40% from the total employee Siemens that was numbering 17,500 people were threatened with losing the work.

This step was carried out because Siemens intended to restructure the Siemens Enterprise Communications business unit (Sen) and sped up the transformation of this business unit from the beginning as the provider hardware became the provider of the solution and software the telecommunications.
Launched by Businessweek and quoted detikINET, on Thursday (28/2/2008), especially in the Siemens Enterprise Communications division, his plan of Siemens would mem-PHK around his 3,800 employees including 2,000 employees in Germany, the rest of them outside Germany.
While approximately 3,000 employees more, eventually will be shifted to the third party that still was the Siemens business partner.
Launched, Chief Financial Officer Siemens Joe Kaeser said, the business unit Sen experienced depreciation of finance as big as 602 million sterling pound.
With the existence of the severing hubunga the work (PHK) this, Kaeser hoped the company's finance could improve but also boosted up the Siemens share.
Before the PHK plan was undertaken, Siemens will negotiate first with some employee representative in order to discusses further the matter of fate of the employees who were threatened in-PHK


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