The smart pen solves the Matter of Mathematics

In this modern time, the innovation went straight developing.
Moreover currently, a pen was then supplied with sophisticated technology so as his function not only only to write then.
The company LiveScribe introduced this sophisticated pen that was based on the computer.

The measuring pen normally is named Pulse Smartpen had microphone facilities and the cute computer inside.
His function then various things.
For example you wrote the matter of certain mathematics with this pen.
Then was claimed, Smartpen could mengkalkulasi whether his answer.
Moreover, this pen could also record the article in the format audio and could be transferred to the computer.

However to use fitur this, was needed by special paper that will be sold was separated.
Jim Margraff, CEO LiveScribe said that the pen with the memory capacity 1 GB will be available this coming March costing US$ 149.
Now for the version 2 GB will be sold costing US$ 200.
For the time being, this pen only was compatible with the Windows operation system.
As being quoted detikINET from SFGate, on Thursday (31/1/2008), eventually the Smartpen version for the Mac operation system also will be released to the market.
LiveScribe also offered the Pulse Smartphone platform to the developer who was interested to add fitur and his programs.
The Binary Labs company for example, has developed the Spain-England program of the language translator in this


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