Software for Manage your Budget

Are you having trouble for budgetting the money,you have much money but you can manage it, maybe you need some counselor to help you for personal budget, have you heard about YNAB Methodology? it is about four rules cash flow management.the four rules are:
  • Rule # 1: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck (This refers to having and using the Buffer.)
  • Rule # 2: Give Every Dollar a Job (You assign every dollar a job all the way down to zero.)
  • Rule # 3: Prepare for Rain (This rule forces a person to accept the realities of life in the sense that there will always be "Rainy Days" when ample amounts of cash are needed in a hurry for repairs or other emergencies. By allocating money to these types of budget Categories you can stave off panic over what to do when those events occur.)
  • Rule # 4: Roll with the Punches (Since even with a forward looking and planning system you can sometimes overspend in a Budget Category, YNAB has a method that spreads that overage across the next month's budget where it can be absorbed more readily. Since (by design) a person has money reserves at hand (The Buffer) the overage can be covered easily.
And now you dont need to manage it yourself, some emgineer has create the software to manage you.this budget software available for you with 2 version, YNAB - $24.95 and YNAB Pro - $ 49.95. this YNAB Pro takes YNAB one step further with added functionality that just isn’t possible on a spreadsheet platform. Pro is also digitally distributed. you will get 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee.


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