The paralysis international Speedy continuation became the profit for warnet-warnet that used ISP (the Servis Provider Internet) other.

In Bandung, warnet non-Speedy experienced the increase in the turnover as far as 50 percent.Some warnet that ketiban the profit namely Cartoonet in Street.Surapati no. 153B. Sejak struck 10,00 WIB, the consumer has queued.
Moreover until striking 15,00 WIB all the units were filled up was full.
Apart from using Speedy, warnet this also used Jalawave Conection 128Kbps as back up.
"Here ngantre up until the hour of three in the afternoon."
Yes, there was the increase around 50 percent of the normal day, said the manager Cartoonet Widi
Widi explained, most of his consumers were the student's circle and the student.
Apart from for the need of the task, some also because indeed addicted with the internet.
Around Cartoonet, was gotten at least five warnet other.
Two among them did not use back up apart from Speedy.
"The outcome was that wanted the internet to come here," added Widi.
Toni the student the Institute of Teknologi Bandung (ITB) that in his leased house subscribed to Speedy, was some that visited Cartoonet.
"Speedy died."
In kosan speedy was cut off the total, therefore I to warnet, he said annoyed.


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