Toshiba in DVD format warfare the future with Blu-Ray

Surrendered him Toshiba in DVD format warfare the future with Blu-Ray affected Microsoft Corp. Produsen software biggest this world planned to stop the productionHD DVD Player.

Not only that, Microsoft also said will cut off the price against HD DVD equipment supplies belonging to him with more than half of the price.
"From tomorrow, we will cut off the price to US$ 49," said Grace Chou, the spokesperson Microsoft.
Microsoft participation in supporting HD DVD to be reflected in being attached by him pemutar HD DVD in the consul Xbox 360 as additional equipment.
The consumer could buy this equipment costing US$ 119.99 in the shop retail the kind.
Beforehand, the company from Redmond this was part of the group of Toshiba Corp. in supporting the HD DVD. Namun standard unfortunately, old kelamaan the support for this group began to be loose together with began his hijrah of several members to change to Blu-Ray, that notabene was the main competitor HD DVD.
Nevertheless Microsoft continue to be sure that the HD DVD defeat upper Blu-Ray this will not blow too far to them.
His article of Chou was justified, Microsoft did not sell HD DVD equipment with Xbox 360.
"We only added him," he argued, as being quoted detikINET from Bloomberg, on Monday


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