"The depravity of this murder simply shocks the conscience of this court," Middlesex Superior Court Judge Frederick De Vesa said as he gave Melanie McGuire the maximum penalty. "One who callously destroys a family to accomplish her own selfish ends must face the most severe consequences that the law can provide."

McGuire was visibly distraught as she listened to the judge. Her lawyers had asked for the minimum sentence of 30 years for the murder count.
A jury convicted McGuire in April of four counts, including first-degree murder, stemming from the death of William McGuire, a 39-year-old computer analyst who was last seen alive April 28, 2004.

New Jersey fertility clinic nurse Melanie McGuire stands accused of murdering her husband, William, in 2004. Prosecutors allege that McGuire, 34, shot him to death, sliced his body into four pieces with a power saw and then dumped his remains in the Chesapeake Bay. McGuire maintains her innocence, and her defense attorneys have suggested the victim's slaying was related to gambling debts.


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