Super Duper Tuesday is almost upon us and the polls will soon open in Connecticut. It’s a very tight race on the Democratic side and the two main contenders spent time in the state today – hoping to influence voters.

The atmosphere matched that of a playoff game – seats were at a premium, yet everyone at this venue was on the same side - rooting for the same person.

“This man has the power of love and not the love of power,” Mildred Hopkins, a New Haven voter, said.

One has to wonder how powerful Obama was feeling as he entered a packed XL center to a roaring crowd of 16,000 supporters – quickly diving into political rhetoric.

“We can’t wait to fix a broken healthcare system. We can’t wait to fix our schools. We can’t wait to provide good jobs, good wage, good benefits. We cant wait to make college affordable. We can’t wait to end this war in Iraq. We can’t wait!” Barack Obama said.

His Congressional support seems as enamored with him as John Q. Public. “Charisma, he is different.”

Perhaps it is that charisma - that drew people to chant and cheer for the new Democratic star as if he was an MVP quarterback.

“The American people have told me that they are ready for change – they are ready to turn the page – they are ready to write a new chapter in American history,” Obama said.

Of course, this contest is far from over. The political game still has months to go - but Obama is hoping the support he saw in Hartford carries him to the ultimate prize in November.

“And you and I, together, will transform this country. We will transform this world – thank you Hartford, I love ya!”


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