PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk (XL) pessimistic investment miliiaran rupiah that was poured out by him to 3G will return capital.
Except, the government wanted to be kind-hearted gave again the addition of the frequency 5 MHz with the competitive price.
The president director XL Hasnul Suhaimi complained about this matter to several reporters in the Media's Gathering XL gap 2008 in the Sheraton Senggigi Hotel, Mataram,

"Our investment in 3G was difficult to return capital because of the frequency 5 MHz that was had by us at this time was not enough to carrier the data."
So, we still could not offer the internet tariff with the cheap price, he said.
According to him, the frequency 5 MHz that was had by XL at this time was not enough to deliver the data service.
Because the canal majority that was used was forced to be allocated by XL for the voice service together with the relentlessness of the marketing of the voice tariff.
"Almost all over the city, the data traffic ate the capacity as far as 60 percent."
However the capacity was forced to be reduced by us continued because of losing by the voice traffic.
We did not yet dare to sacrifice the voice service for the data, because just frank, revenue from the data was still relative very small, he complained half asked for compassion.
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Two years ago -- in February 2006, XL has menggelontorkan money as big as Rp188 billion for bargaining of one frequency bloc 3G was as wide as 5 MHz.
Increased again, this operator also must pay the cost in front (up the front fee) of twice bargaining that was put forward.
Moreover, XL obligatory paid the cost of the use right (BHP) the Rp frequency 32 billion each year.
Hasnul said asked for the addition of the frequency 3G was as wide as 5 MHz again -- became 10 MHz, to Menkominfo Mohammad Nuh so that investment that has the issuing was not in vain.
"But we only dared to pay Rp 32 billion or 10 percent of the lowered price beforehand for 5 MHz again."
If our request was granted by the minister, the internet tariff that was offered by XL could be far more cheaper with the quality of the quality was guaranteed, he said.
Technically, he explained, from 10 MHz that was desired by XL, respectively 5 MHz will be allocated especially for the voice canal and the data separately


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