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The user of the Internet in the world continued to show the significant increase graph from time to time.
At this time in Asia was recorded by 459 million users of the Internet.
In Indonesia the use of the Internet also experienced the pleasing growth.
Like that was quoted from the Association's data of the Organiser of the Service of Internet Indonesia (APJII), in general the growth reached 25% - 40% per the year.

If this year of the number of users of the internet it was estimated reached 20 million, then in 2008 will reach 25 million.
Trend the increase in the use of the Internet in this Indonesia pushed various perpetrators of the Internet industrial business, good the operator, the Internet services provider or the provider of supporting equipment (device) raced each other provided various services that were needed by the user's community of the Internet service.
PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk (XL) through the XL Business Solutions service unit, at this time also has begun to focus himself to join in active pushed the spreading and the increase penggunaaan the Internet in Indonesia.
Through the data product of XL 3G HSDPA?
That had been launched by XL since the end of 2007 -- XL continued to carry out penetration against the user's market of the internet in the homeland.
Several packages of the internet service belonging to XL available at this time was:
The package was Very Free, namely free bargaining the Modem as well as the Internet of XL 3G-HSDPA with the quota 1GB/bulan, only at a cost of subscribing of Rp.
325.000/bulan for 15 months.
Free chose type the modem, from 3 type that was available that is SU 8200, ZTE MF 620, ZTE MF 330.
The package Xtra more, namely package bargaining of the discount 50% of the normal price for the purchase of the modem/datacard as well as free the Internet of XL 3G-HSDPA for 3 months, for the subscribing period during 12 months.
The free internet that was gotten in package bargaining of Xtra Lebih this was available in 2 quotas that is Xplorer 250 MB as well as Xtion 1 of GB. Di Dalam offered the package of Xtra Lebih this, XL co-operated with PT MLW Telecom as the distributor of the provider of Option equipment as well as Bandluxe of the make modem.


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