Nowwadays computer printer is coming faster and faster,A computer printer, or more commonly a printer, produces a hard copy of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. and do you know that printers are primarily used as local computer peripherals, and are attached by a printer cable to a computer which serves as a document source.Do you have a printer? and your printer is having trouble with the cartridge or the ink is in trouble. now i will tell you a little bit information about ink and catridge. ink cartridges means a removable module that contains ink or toner.

The cartridge, whether containing ink or toner (a powdery substance used instead of ink in laser printers), must be replaced regularly throughout the life of all printers. Follow directions carefully when replacing the cartridge.
so if your cartridges of your printer is in trouble, you can check it first, where is the problem.whether is ink or the toner is the problem.

if you are using Inkjet printer you must use special ink for these printer to print it on the paper.there is another newest technology using for printing and its called Laser printer.
if your job is small, i mean that you dont need to print a lot of paper, all you can do is buy inkjet printer. couse this ink comes in special ink cartridges, which can be very expensive and uneconomical. Also, the ink in the cartridge may dry up. This means that a new cartridge is needed.
If you want to print your family photo, all you need is photo paper this paper is very good for printing the photos. thats all my advice to you and me


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