Kuntilanak 3: Banjir Kuntilanak

Kuntilanak 3' became final Samantha's story of the trilogy (Julie Estelle) pemanggil kuntilanak.
How his fate?
'Kuntilanak 3' served him in a springing manner kuntilanak in the Sedo. Tip forest the Sedo Tip was the village that was located in the middle of the forest.

The village was Samantha's aim that wanted to eliminate his capacity called kuntilanak. in the trip towards the Sedo Tip, Samantha met the party of the young child who consisted of Darwin (the Abadi Shoji Arena), Asti (Imelda Therine), Herman (Reza Pahlevi) and Petra (Laura Antoinetta).
four young children intended to look for their two friends who were lost, Stella (Laudya Cynthya Bella) and his fiance.
Stella as well as his sweetheart that claimed to be the environmentalist, went to the forest to kemping berdua saja. Samantha's Meeting with four young children changed all of them.
Like that arrived in the forest, Samantha has felt the peculiarity.
He was convinced Stella and his fiance in fact was lost because of being preyed on kuntilanak. Now Darwin and friends busy looking for Stella, Samantha also tried to achieve his mission.
Arrive in Ujung Sedo and met Eyang Putri.
According to the guidance of his mother, only Eyang Putri that could pull out Samantha's capacity as pemanggil kuntilanak. can Samantha?
How Darwin fate and friends?
could be considered to be 'Kuntilanak 3' gave more faces kuntilanak compared to his two predecessors of 'Kuntilanak 1' and 'Kuntilanak 2'.
If in prekuel him only was one kuntilanak, here precisely kuntilanak sprang up in all penjuru. Kuntilanak that emerged in the film garapan Rizal Mantovani this then different from prekuel him.
Kuntilanak returned to the original form, no longer leant like the faced horse humankind.
This time like kuntilanak generally, had long hair and wore clothes putih. because in the forest, in general kuntilanak that roamed around from one tree to the other tree.
Each one of his emergence was still being preceeded with the lyric durmo and the laughter voice hihihihihi that canned be heard


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