the world is yours

now thats one classic movie, i mean i'm the one whos The World is Yours Nowalways indecisive in picking a favorite, but i can say say scarface is my number movie....well, maybe next to godfather,

annie, grease....ouch...i thought i had this one figured out!. but seriously i'm so in love with this movie, forget the voilence and all."the world is yours", now thats such an ego and spirit booster...when you start to think that, then you actually start to beleive that and act that way.because truly it's yours(mine), all you have to do is grab thats the difficult part, but for tony montana and his obsessive addiction to cocaine that gave him a false sense of invincibility, it was easy to think that, no wonder he was such a darline arrogant arse. but i just love him for that devil may care attitude, although i don't think i want to be like that, its hard enough trying to trust people but not trusting anyone at all, now thats the killer.only dearest tony would say things like

The World is Yours Now


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